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Healing Trauma : Breaking the cycle of Abuse & Pain to receive more love 

From my personal experience, I’ve discovered that those who were physically, verbally or emotionally abused  have a hard time receiving kindness, comfort and love because we equated receiving to pain, torture and discomfort at a subconscious level and most likely closed off our hearts and ability to receive love fully because we made a belief that receiving hurts  

Receiving =pain.    love=pain

So the first step to healing is to be aware of this pattern and notice where you have closed yourself off from…

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First Visit to John of God in Brazil 

My Very first trip to see Medium Joao (aka John of God) was in the winter of 2011.  I had just gone thru an extremely painful divorce and for the first time in my life, I felt my heart had literally broken into two and shattered.  I was going thru a rollercoaster ride of emotions where I would have moments of extreme sadness, loss, fear and grief as well as feelings of liberation, hope and relief.   Now as an unemployed single mother of 2 boys, I had a strong desire and urge to transform my heartache and…Read more
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