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How emotions and energy works


I just wanted to share my own experience from what I see Energetically, in hopes that it would give you clarity and help you understand how energy works and what people call the “law of attraction” in a very simplied way.


So when you have unprocessed, unexpressed repressed, or even fully expressed emotions like anger,  we are emitting that frequency around us 360 degrees

how far out it goes in your field is dependent on how much of that frequency you’re carrying.   so when you’re emitting this frequency unconsciously or consciously, that energy radiates out like a radio tower and when someone steps into your field,  they will feel that unconsciously and all of a sudden they might get angry or resentful or bitter or whatever energy you’re emitting and you might think it’s the other person that’s doing that to you, and think “what’s wrong with that person? they’re so angry !”


Not realizing, you are the one that’s actually projecting it out.  Same goes with thoughtforms..  if you have unconscious beliefs like “I’m not worthy” and people come into your field they’re gonna tell you, you’re not worthy but it’s not the other person.  they’re just picking up what you are radiating out of your energy field.  


 so if you encounter people with a common theme, like angry people or people that are depressed or sad, you might want to take an honest close look to see where you might be carrying it in your own energy field.  Are you repressing those emotions from childhood?  Are you still holding onto those emotions from long ago and forgot? Are you constantly thinking about it day in and day out? Once you get clarity, then you can work through the original wounding that caused that anger resentment, grief, bitterness etc. and heal it so you can naturally emit or radiate out a more positive frequency that allows you to have a better life experience. 


The tricky part is a lot of these beliefs or emotions are completely unconscious and we usually have more than one emotion running our field so the key is to uncover these unconscious beliefs and reprogram them.


That’s why when people in the law of attraction movement say you have to vibrate in that frequency of abundance to have abundance because like attracts like,  that’s what they’re talking about.

It’s hard to receive love or joy, when you are emitting anger and hatred.

Thru the law of resonance, if you’re emitting anger, you attract more anger and that can snow ball and become bigger and bigger.


If you’re vibrating at love, joy peace and abundance then that will magnify  like a magnet as it becomes a vibrational match to more love, joy, peace and abundance and so you keep getting more of it.   

That’s why many great teachers, like Neville Goddard said,  feel the feeling state of what you desire,  to get what you want. Because if you’re emitting that and radiating it into the universe, then the universe is happy match that vibration and give it back to you.  

so if you’re not getting the results in life that you want,  really take a hard look at what frequency you’re vibrating at? What are your main thoughts throughout the day? your main emotions throughout the day? what are you radiating on a regular basis?

The good news is, you have the power to change it in a second because it’s your reality and you’re in control of your frequency and the vibration you’re projecting out.

From personal experience, the energy of gratitude is the biggest and quickest magnifier.

I don’t believe any emotion is negative or bad, but I do think prolonged emission of them could definitely cause unnecessary suffering in your life.

Now what causes us to have these emotional pain?  there might be deeper issues at play that causes the emission of these emotions. whether it be ancestral trauma, past life trauma, childhood trauma that might require guidance from your higher self or extra support from another person or a trained practioner. 


what energy healing can do is help you identify where these emotions are stored and help you release them.


Our world and planet really needs more love,  more than ever!! So let’s all take responsibility for our own energy field and vibrate as much love and gratitude as possible💕🌈


 peace, love and blessings to all!!

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