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Kana’s sessions are very unique as she uses her voice called toning to bring in divine energy to transform clear, balance and harmonize your body, mind and spirit at all levels (auric, cellular, DNA etc).  She also uses Advance Pranic Healing technique  to see, sense, and scan your field to find the cords, blockages, congestion etc so she can cleanse them with accuracy... she may also use other modalities depending on  your need.

Kana is available for private sound energy healing sessions long distance remotely, by phone or zoom

Or sometimes in person in the LA Area (depending on availability). 

Though Kana uses her own technique, she has training in and may use the following healing  modalities depending on your needs: Advance Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Body Talk, Emotion Code, Access Consciousness and running Bars, Reiki, EFT, Ho’oponopono, forgiveness work. matrix energetics frequencies

Kana is also available for energetic  home clearings. She can see and sense where the stuck and stagnant energies are in your home and Clear, cleanse and purify them.  .

Kana is also available for  voice/toning lessons to activate your own sacred sounds and voice healing abilities, no singing ability necessary by Phone or Zoom.







$150  for 1-1.5 hr session


$250 - 2-3hrs deep healing work (deep cleansing of each chakra and auric field and clearing old emotions and thought forms) pranic psychotherapy work 


Or 3 sessions for $400 ($50 savings)

or 5 sessions for $650 ($100 savings)

or 10 sessions for $1000 ($500 savings)

all session packages can be paid in several installments.







Private sessions can be purchased by clicking the button below.  Or the Donate button below.   Kana can also receive payment thru Venmo, zelle, square or PayPal.
Kana also offers a powerful customized sound therapy track, “your soul essence” tailored to your needs for $250.00 for a 30min track and $450.00 for a 1hr track.

After she receives payment of your order with a brief explanation of what you are needing support with, she will create a personalized sound Frequency MP3 track and email it upon completion.
For private sessions and custom orders, please contact Kana at



Single Private Session

Purchase here - Includes bonus gift recording (press play for sample clip)

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When you purchase a session thru this link, you will receive this healing track called cleansing and purification as a thank you - available for immediate download.

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Private sessions - 3 session discount Package

Purchase session package here - Includes Bonus recording (press play for sample clip)

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For purchasing this 3 session package, you will receive this group healing recording as a thank you. Available for immediate download.

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