About Angelic Sound Therapy and Kana
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Kana is originally from Tokyo, Japan,  but has lived in the United States for most of her life.  She was extremely blessed to have had a spiritual master (Master Dolores) at 16yrs of age, who taught God Realization thru the pathway of the heart.  She also taught everyone how to meditate in the heart, saying it was the quickest and safest way to reach God as it bypasses the mind.  

Master Dolores would take her group on a spiritual retreat every  year in August to Mt. Shasta.  This is where Kana received her heart initiation at 18yrs old where Master Dolores opened and expanded her heart to depth she could not comprehend at the time, planting the seed to Kana’s deeper heart awakening decades later.  Since then, Kana has continued to meditate in her heart (30yrs+) and share Master Dolores’ teachings of unconditional love and the pathway of the heart by healing, opening, guiding and teaching others how to connect to source thru meditating in their hearts.   


Kana has had many mystical and spiritual awakening experiences since then further deepening her union and connection with God and still continues to grow and expand in ways she never would have imagined possible.   

As a result of all her spiritual practice and inner work of healing her own childhood trauma of sexual abuse and physical abuse from bullying, Kana continues to gain more insight and expansion and is able to bring that into her healing sessions.

Kana’s specialty is healing childhood trauma, opening hearts and re-connecting (remembering) one back to their own higherself and God Presence.

In 2013, when Kana took her mother to her first chemo treatment, she was shocked to see so many people receiving Chemo. The entire hospital floor was designated for chemotherapy and each stall was packed and filled with cancer patients.  Kana was deeply impacted and saddened by the overwhelming number of people living with cancer. 

  As a result, Kana became inspired to create a website where people can shut out the external world for awhile to come experience, peace, joy, and love thru angelic sounds and music.   She has a strong desire to help people remember who they truly are and re-awaken as many people's hearts as possible all around the world.  For the inner wisdom of our own heart is where all healing and transformation takes place.                                            

Sound vibration is a very powerful tool that can shift your mood or emotions at a cellular level.  We often feel better after we listen to uplifting music.  To learn more about the science behind the power of sound, please watch these useful videos here Kana uses her gifts and abilities to tap into the heart of creation (source, God, Universe) thru 30yrs of meditation and other shamanic work to create specific sound frequencies and tones that are harmonious to our natural state of being.  

What makes Kana's sound therapy tracks unique is that, she has a 3.5 octave vocal range that she can use freely to create the necessary sound frequencies.  She has also experienced deep pain, anger, depression, anxiety, fear and challanges in her own life which taught her to observe, embrace, forgive, release, and let go. These challenges became gifts which set her on a deep quest for true liberation.


Kana  has traveled to numerous sacred sites all around the world: Holy sites around Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Egypt, Amazon Jungle, Machu Piccu, John of  God in Brazil, sacred kivas and sites of Sedona, Sacred temple of Mt. Kurama and healing waters of Yunosato in Japan,  Joshua Tree, Bosnian Pyramids, Montserrat Spain, Rennes-le-Chateau, Basilica of Mary Magdalene, La Sainte Baume, other sacred caves and waters of France, and most recently the sacred temples and pyramids of Egypt.   She received life transforming energies and blessings from each place and has recorded these sacred sounds from these magical places to share with the rest of the world.  Ultimately, Kana believes the most important journey is within one's heart and remembering the transfomative power of one's own heart.


 She experienced this first hand during her trip to France where she was fully embraced, supported, surrounded and protected in this pure frequency of the heart  where everything just worked out (despite any outer appearance of lack) and flowed with ease and grace and even her finances were taken care of.  Kana is committed to only tapping into the purest frequencies of love from her sacred heart space which is ever expanding and infusing those frequencies  into her sound therapy and music.  These sounds allow everyone to have their own unique experience.  Kana also has experience and training in various healing arts modalities and is ever expanding her consciousness.

Kana's life mission is to serve, radiate and spread this deep transformative frequencies of love and joy to help people re-open/reawaken their hearts to remember who they truly are. That all the solutions already exist deep inside their heart and we are all powerful creators. Kana has devoted her life to being the ambassador of love during this great time of change and evolution of humanity and the planet.



Medical Disclaimer

Kana is not a medical doctor and she cannot give any medical diagnostic or treatment procedures. Kana does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions or pathologies, nor prescribe medicine. For any serious medical condition, please seek care from an appropriate medical practitioner.