”Kana is unique among the many healers that I work with. As an Ayurvedic practitioner and Private Instructor and Yoga Therapist in Los Angeles, I have called on Kana as a both colleague and dear friend to work with me in Panchakarma programs for my patients. Her profound sound therapy adds tremendous subtlety and out-of-this-world healing energy. My patients love her! I had one recent patient who literally went into bliss from Kana’s treatment – incredible, joyful, continuous bliss! Kana is my go-to resource for Angelic sound healing.”

Kailas, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Los Angeles



"I’ve been blessed to know Kana for over ten years. Firstly, Kana is someone who lives her truth and life path with great integrity and consistency. Her compass is solidly aligned to her profound inner experience of the Divine.  She  lives her life daily, consciously, like a living receiver and transmitter of this connection and energy.

On top of this, Kana has been gifted with a rare voice and vocal range, to which she is also dedicated to honing as a professional singer, and by following her inner guidance, Kana has allowed herself and her voice to be a servant of the healing and vibrations that truly can remind us of love, balance, health, peace, well being, our true nature. 

I find myself listening to her tracks regularly, and every time another gift is revealed, as though they act on us in ways that we are prepared to receive in each moment. Kana is a rare and special person in pure devotion to the highest potential for humanity."  

~ C.B., California, Creative Vision, Strategy and Transformation Consulting


"Kana has a God gifted talent that emanates such a pure healing energy.  She has done just a few minutes of her toning sound and I can feel my body and mind reset in a calmer space. 

There were times, I asked Kana to do a bit of toning because I've been working with so many people. I'd say in a minute I feel spaces in my body opening up and tensions melting away. It helps me feel energized again.

 It truly comes natural to her. Nothing rehearsed for her and she can feel what is happening to me.  If you receive work from her you'll feel renewed in a wonderful way."  

~ Karen Asato, Massage Therapist, Hawaii. KarenAsato.com

"Kana has the gift of speaking Light Language that helps to trigger an awakening within. She is a rare find because not only does the Light Language she speaks spark change, Kana cares deeply about the people she works with and wants them to experience their best life. I feel confident in recommending Kana to assist you on your Soul's Journey."  

~Esther Bartkiw, Intuitive Spiritual Energy Healer, Returning You To The Love That You Are


“Kana is a kind and compassionate healer who creates a safe and welcoming 

space for healing. Her beautiful angelic voice and sound therapy help to release

deeply held patterns and blockages. After my session with Kana, I felt peaceful and lighter in my heart and mind.  I would highly recommend.”

Cindy F.