“Kana is an amazing, intuitive healer and guide who has truly helped me to follow my heart. As a long-time seeker, I am continually amazed at how quickly Kana changed my life for the better. I really feel different. Like I have much more choice over my life and what I feel. Like I can keep choosing love for myself and others. There are no words that can really describe how grateful I am.”  Dawn E. ♥️ 


“My name is Loubna Ammer, certified Transformational NLP Master Practitioner. I have been stuck in the same spot in terms of money and relationships for so many years. I had literally no income no matter how/ what I tried. I've resorted to affirmations, meditations  and subliminals and given away so much money but I had non to little returns.

Kana was the answer to my prayers. She empowered me to change my money mindset and encouraged me to update my beliefs around money.

She combined energy and constellation work with sound healing, and supported me all the time till finally something in my field started shifting and now I am being approached by paying clients and finally started to see money coming in.

Thank you Kana for your wisdom and continuous support. I appreciate you so much and definitely recommend anyone with similar problems to work with you for their healing and development in life.”

Loubna Ammer, Germany


Just wanted to let you know that the swelling and inflammation left my hands after your sound therapy treatment.

I’ve struggled with RA for years and treatments like Humira and Orencia made me feel as bad as the illness.  I can now easily open and close my hands - and the swelling has decreased dramatically.

Thank you for the easy, peaceful and healing evening!”

C. U. California

“Hi Kana, 

I want you to know that the help you’ve given me is priceless.
For quite some time I have been looking  to resolve my issues and be free from all that crap that you work with me, so I could progress spiritually a little easier. I’ve had sessions with few people before, but as you saw yourself, no results. 

I have to say that finally, after a long time, I am feeling like myself again :) My joy of living is back and I am enjoying greatly my new job, have been feeling good under my own skin, and even my voice is so much better, yesterday I could even sing a little bit knowing the next-door neighbor could hear me, thing I could never do before.

It has been over 2 weeks since our last session, and depression or lack of enthusiasm have not returned.”


“Dear Kana,

You are an amazing person performing miracles.   My boyfriend’s grandson Sammy (age 13) has muscular dystrophy, and has been in a wheel chair for several years.   

You performed a spiritual healing for him virtually.  Two wonderful things happened.  

First,  his feet were ice cold (to the touch) from lack of circulation.   His circulation returned and his feet warmed up.   

Second, the next morning, instead of sliding into his wheelchair from his bed, as usual, he placed his two feet on the bedroom floor and walked to the other side of the apartment easily and without any help.  He also had poor balance, and this was also corrected.   

Thank God for the wonderful healing gift that was given to you, so you can heal others.”

Phyllis Turk, NY

I had a number of sessions with Kana; she covered so much, it is amazing and awesome. Not only on healing for the body, but past trauma issues, connecting in a much deeper level to God and the angelic, connecting to my higher self. My chakras were quite depleted but are now fully cleansed and energised. So I have had physical, spiritual and emotional healing. 

These are the healings that have happened already. I did have severe sleep apnea, stopping breathing 31 times every hour; the sleep apnea is now fully healed. Enlarged  prostate - have noticed significant changes in the associated area of the body. Much more energy now, requiring less sleep , waking earlier and feeling refreshed. There has also been weight loss, and breathing is much easier now. Have also noticed that old skin wounds are beginning to heal, as the body goes through the healing process. I have had quite loud tinnitus for a few decades, and now overall, the tinnitus is less. Due to a severe strain on my left hip when young, it always used to make a click sound when moving the leg up and down. Now the clicking noise has gone.

In all this and through all this, Kana's support has been amazing, she goes far beyond what one would hope for. She has such a genuine heart to help one through the healing process, always done in love and peace. I can highly recommend Kana.

- Peter R, Australia

“Kana, thank you so much for your beautiful heart ❤️ and your support yesterday.

There are no words to convey the experience itself- you allowed me the experience of being healed and supported by the grace of Divine Love beyond any comprehension or expectation that I  ever could or would ever imagine the possibility of receiving through your love and unbelievable gifts.


The effect has been beyond amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏

I will always and forever be changed because of who you are and hope that I can do just a small fraction of what you have done for me for others some day.❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏”


- Laura C., Massachusettso


“This healing helps clear away any and all anger and helps you to replace it with love, compassion, and most importantly forgiveness!

So if you have an open mind that is great and you should definitely give this a shot. If you do not have an open mind, well then it is time to open it because you have no idea what you are missing out on!

Thank you again so much Kana for reaching out and helping me to get my love and compassion back. Thank you for helping to heal this broken body and this broken mind! Like a Phoenix I rose from the ashes of the old image I had for my life and will start anew!”

- John R, New Jersey

“I just got around to listening to your heart of shiva mp3 and wow. This one is really powerful. It has a mix of stuff that I can feel. I love the bells or triangle sound you use at the beginning and end. Your sound range is great and having you sing the words right where you did added to the entire feel.”

~ Keri V., Educator, Florida

"Kana Koinuma is a truly gifted and miraculous healer.  I have now experienced and witnessed what I understand to be truly "angelic" claircognizance and healing powers emanating from a completely integrated and deeply loving human form.  Kana's pranic and sound healing practices combine with her deep insight into the human condition to gently and subtly guide the body, mind, and soul into balance and radiating light.  After our last "remote" session, my body is free of pain and discomfort.  My mind is strong and focused; and my heart is soft and open, allowing for daily stressors to arise, be processed, and pass away with ease.  I am eternally grateful for the benefits of Kana's work for myself and all those who are blessed by her skills."

  ~ Vitaly, California


“Kana has impacted my life so profoundly and deeply that I feel that she has helped me to be reborn.   Her great compassion and love, coupled with the gifts that she has been given to communicate with the Creator and all of the Angels and heavenly beings, allows her to see into our soul, view our soul records, and even communicate on our behalf with our ancestors who have passed.  She did all of this for me.


 Kana also prayed to remove all of the hurt and feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that had burdened me my entire life.  She called in all of the heavenly spirits, my patron saint, Ojizosama, and many, many other heavenly spirits, and asked them to fill me with their beautiful love and light, and to help heal me.  I cried almost the entire session, tears of joy and happiness falling down my face.  My entire body was filled with a glow and overflowing with all of the love from the heavenly beings, angels, Ojizosama, and others. 


 I had never felt so much warmth and love before in all of my 67 years, and could not even have imagined what I was feeling.  The over whelming feelings of unworthiness, lack of self worth, guilt, and shame just washed away and were replaced with so much love that words cannot describe it.  I thanked Kana over and over again, but words cannot describe the magnitude of the gratitude that I felt for the miracle and wondrous gift that Kana had given me.  She had led me to the light, and the change I felt and continue to feel is so very profound that I can only hope that everyone will be able to experience what I have experienced with Kana's guidance and help.  Kana is a true, true gift to all of us. 


She also  allowed me to not only see and connect with my soul, but more importantly, to become my soul and truly fulfill the destiny for which I was put on this earth.

​I truly, and sincerely hope and pray that everyone will be able to meet with Kana in order that they too can experience the miraculous and wondrous things that I have been so blessed to experience with her.  
With much love and blessings.”  


- J Kato esq., Hawaii


“Kana is a kind, caring wonderful healer.  She takes her time and energy to do a perfect healing.  She is an expert in the field of spiritual healing.  She lives in California and I live in Brooklyn she has healed me on three separate occasions while on the phone with her.”

“Thanks Kana, the pain has left me thanks to you“ *

*This client called me with excruciating pain in her lower back, doctors thought it might be kidney stones.  Above was her reply after one short phone session.  She is still pain free and the Dr.’s told her she didn’t have kidney stones. 

- P.T. New York

“still taking in all that energy movement and its positive effects.

Yesterday, I did a 7 hour bike ride and felt really good the whole day so your session obviously worked well !  

I’m forever grateful Kana.”


- S.C, California


“Since receiving Kana’s healing🙏🏽💜🙏🏽, I have felt strangely more confident in my work as well as a certain "knowing" that I am on the right path. 


I'm doing much better, in fact my solar plexus area has been pretty open and I am able to breathe deeper into my lungs and belly. Digestion has been better, too.”


- E.O, Hawaii



“I have been a Naturopathic Doctor with a specialty as a Homeopathic Doctor for over 20+ years.  I have also studied many other healing modalities.  In all of these years of practice I have never come across anyone who is so gifted with healing others as Kana Koinuma. Her healing work on me as been nothing short of miraculous!

I am humbled by her healing abilities . Her angelic voice and light that she gives to others heals people both physically and emotionally. 

I recommend her healing treatments above all other treatments that are available, because I have never experienced such miraculous results from the many other healing treatments that I have received over the many years that I have sought out such treatments.”  


- Dr. John, Vancouver Island 



”Kana is unique among the many healers that I work with. As an Ayruvedic Practitioner, I have called on Kana as both colleague and dear friend to work with me in Panchakarma programs for my patients. Her profound sound therapy adds tremendous subtlety and out-of-this-world healing energy. My patients love her! I had one recent patient who literally went into bliss from Kana’s treatment – incredible, joyful, continuous bliss! Kana is my go-to resource for Angelic sound healing.”

- Kailas, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Los Angeles



"I’ve been blessed to know Kana for over ten years. Firstly, Kana is someone who lives her truth and life path with great integrity and consistency. Her compass is solidly aligned to her profound inner experience of the Divine.  She  lives her life daily, consciously, like a living receiver and transmitter of this connection and energy.

On top of this, Kana has been gifted with a rare voice and vocal range, to which she is also dedicated to honing as a professional singer, and by following her inner guidance, Kana has allowed herself and her voice to be a servant of the healing and vibrations that truly can remind us of love, balance, health, peace, well being, our true nature. 

I find myself listening to her tracks regularly, and every time another gift is revealed, as though they act on us in ways that we are prepared to receive in each moment. Kana is a rare and special person in pure devotion to the highest potential for humanity."  

~ C.B., California, Creative Vision, Strategy and Transformation Consulting


"Kana has a God gifted talent that emanates such a pure healing energy.  She has done just a few minutes of her toning sound and I can feel my body and mind reset in a calmer space. 

There were times, I asked Kana to do a bit of toning because I've been working with so many people. I'd say in a minute I feel spaces in my body opening up and tensions melting away. It helps me feel energized again.

 It truly comes natural to her. Nothing rehearsed for her and she can feel what is happening to me.  If you receive work from her you'll feel renewed in a wonderful way."  

~ Karen Asato, Massage Therapist, Hawaii. KarenAsato.com

"Kana has the gift of speaking Light Language that helps to trigger an awakening within. She is a rare find because not only does the Light Language she speaks spark change, Kana cares deeply about the people she works with and wants them to experience their best life. I feel confident in recommending Kana to assist you on your Soul's Journey."  

~Esther Bartkiw, Intuitive Spiritual Energy Healer, Returning You To The Love That You Are


“Kana is a kind and compassionate healer who creates a safe and welcoming 

space for healing. Her beautiful angelic voice and sound therapy help to release

deeply held patterns and blockages. After my session with Kana, I felt peaceful and lighter in my heart and mind.  I would highly recommend.”

- Cindy F. , California



“Kana is a healing and intuitive goddess who removed dozens of cords that I could physically feel leaving my body. She brought me a feeling of freedom that I hadn’t previously known. I am so grateful to her.”

- Leah, Reiki Master Teacher & Advanced Pranic Healer



“I met Kana on a Spiritual Retreat we attended September 2018 in Israel. When our group entered Sacred places Kana sang Ave Maria like l never heard it before. Her voice is so powerful, spiritual, magnificent, mystical, uplifting and healing. I felt like Heaven and Earth bonded it was incredible and l was uplifted as l felt a healing and joy from deep within my being . Her beautiful powerful tones reached so far out that many people were drawn from every direction to hear her Divine Angelic Voice. After the Retreat and she returned to LA and I to NYC. She did a sound healing for me over the phone .Again it was different yet healing and uplifting I feel that anyone who hears Kana’s healing miraculous uplifting voice will benefit greatly and will spread the word of this Heavenly Gifted woman of Our Source/ God !
Love Light Peace”

- Edward, New York