Open and heal your heart to more love: The Heart of the Magdalene [4:54]

Kana Koinuma

Outside of religious context, and contrary to popular belief, Mary Magdalene was a highly evolved soul and a powerful master teacher in her own right. Allow the grace and power of Magdalene's heart to heal all suffering and struggle. This sound therapy track was created after Kana's Life transforming trip to the south of France. Kana instantly fell to the floor and wept from the incredible heart energy that emanated from Mary Magdalene's relics inside the Basilica in Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume.

The powerful love energy was beyond anything Kana had ever experienced before, confirming first hand that Mary was a true Avatar to have anchored such a powerful light and love for all to experience 2000 years later. Mary's heart energy wrapped Kana's entire auric field as if there was an invincible shield around her. Transmuting everything back to the heart of the universe. Kana's own life has been blessed by her grace as she received help and assistance during the darkest of times and struggles.

May Mary Magdalene's heart energy bless everyone who listens to this healing recording and may all your prayers be answered. ?

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