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 May you be blessed with infinite love, grace and good fortune beyond your wildest imaginings!!!

If you are needing support in physical, emotional or spiritual healing, or your soul is seeking liberation, to reach your full potential, inner peace, or wanting to connect with your angels, guides and/or higherself you have come to the right place😊

The sounds created in the Sound Therapy mp3 Track recordings come from a higher universal energy to assist in dissolving old wounds and trauma to help elevate your frequency to your own true essence of peace, love and joy.


Sometimes if we are in a state of fear, worry or anxiety for a long period of time, we forget what calm, comfort, love and peace feel like, so even if we desire it, we don’t have a reference point.  If you allow these  sound therapy tracks to  open your heart and bathe your mind, body and soul to the frequencies  of love, peace and calm, you will naturally start to resonate with this vibrational level and remember your natural state of being.  Once you remember this reference point, you can always go back to it.   The longer and more frequently you listen to these tracks, the more effective they will be.


If you are needing physical, emotional healing, spiritual coaching, or extra love and support, I offer private sessions via Zoom, or phone.   I also offer remote distant healing for physical ailments. (See Services and Rates for more details on private sessions)


My specialty is guiding people back home to “remembering” their own true self (thru the heart), soul liberation, childhood trauma work, particularly sexual abuse (from healing my own) chakra cleansing & balancing; opening, connecting and healing the heart so you can get your own inner guidance, deepening connection to your higher soul/self, reprogramming old patternings and  limiting beliefs, energetic tune up, cleaning up old cords, ancestral & past life healing and more to ultimately bring out more of your true essence.  I also work well with other lightworkers who just need extra energetic support and frequency tune up using light codes. I can scan your chakras (energy centers) and auric field to see if they are congested or depleted and cleanse them.  I also sense, feel and see your energetic field which allows me to help cleanse at a deep level.   

I always call in source energy (which is doing the real work) and work with the angelic realms  and Archangels especially Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel and the Elohim (which we are all connected to). My work is constantly growing and expanding as I continue to do my own inner work, learning new tools and forever raising my own consciousness and vibration.

I have made some of the tracks on this site available to all free of charge in honor of my dear beloved friend Kailas who made his transition.  He was a very important presence in my life and helped me build this website.  Please feel free to share them with your friends and family.

I am a sound therapist with over 25 years of vocal training as a classically trained singer.  Having a 3.5 octave vocal range allows me to transmit a larger range of frequencies.

I was blessed to have had a beautiful spiritual master at a very young age who taught Self/God Realization thru the pathway of one’s heart.  As a result, I have been on  a spiritual path for over 30yrs and have been meditating in my heart since 16yrs old.  I opened up to sound healing over 14 yrs ago after a profound mystical experience during a shamanic ceremony where I  journeyed to the higher realms and was bathed in the energies of the celestial frequencies and heard celestial tones that transported me into the pure light of the creator and the infinite field of source itself.  I was flooded with the most beautiful essence of love that I had ever experienced.. Finally understood the oneness that people where talking about.


In that moment, I felt that if we all remembered this feeling in our hearts that WE ARE  this love and WE ARE loved to this magnitude, we would be free from much suffering and the world would be a more harmonious planet.   Since then, I have been cultivating and tapping more and more into this Source/creator energy and light and helping and guiding others to remember their own Infinite Presence by expanding their own hearts, so we can all ultimately remember that this unconditional LOVE  is our true essence and nature.  We were never meant to suffer.   We were meant to co-create heaven on earth thru the expression of our hearts.   We came to live, express and be guided by the inner wisdom of our hearts, where all our inner knowing and wisdom reside. 

With all the excessive stimulants from the external world, we often forget who we truly are. The intention of these Sound frequencies  (thru surrender, willingness, curiosity and an open heart) is to guide you back home to your heart, your soul, your infinite presence and to actually have an EXPERIENCE of love, calm and/or peace.  These sounds go deep into each cell allowing the body, mind and soul to rebalance and harmonize back to these higher vibrational frequencies of our true nature.


 Allow these sound therapy tracks is to restore you back to wholeness and to remember your true divine essence.

For scientific evidence and proof of how sound vibration works, you can check out these videos Here

I also use transformational NLP, Advance Pranic Healing and pranic psychotherapy when necessary.. 


I am available for private sessions via phone, Zoom or remotely.  Please email me to schedule a private session.  

For services and rates please click Here

I am also available for corporate bookings to de-stress and clear your office space and employees for better performance.  Please email for rates.

May these tracks bless and shower you with unconditional love, peace, joy and abundance.





In infinite love,







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